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Rising persecution, says Open Doors

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A helpful article titled "Rising Persecution", World Magazine, by J.C. Derrick posted on January 8, 2013 summarizes the a report by Open Doors and gives perspective on persecution of Christians around the world. Read the full article here or the annual report by Open Doors here.

"For the 11th straight year, Christians in North Korea suffered the most persecution in the world, according to 2012 rankings released Tuesday by Open Doors International, a U.S.-based group that keeps track of worldwide persecution of believers.

Its annual World Watch List revealed persecution is on the rise worldwide, especially in Arab Spring countries and areas around the Sahel belt of Africa.

“All of the Arab Spring countries are going to get worse for the church for the next five to 10 years,” Ron Boyd-MacMillan, Open Doors’ chief strategy officer, told me after announcing the report at a press conference Tuesday at the National Press Club. Boyd-MacMillan said the one exception is Egypt, which dropped from No. 15 to No. 25 on the list of 50 because “while the [Muslim] Brotherhood is still maneuvering, the church is fairly free...”

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