RLP 2023 Consultation to be Held in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) is pleased to announce that the RLP 2023 Annual Consultation will be held 17-20 April 2023 in Kathmandu, Nepal! “We are just thrilled to have the RLP Consultation come back to the Asia region and look forward to addressing the specific challenges and opportunities facing the region,” said Floyd Brobbel, CEO of the Voice of the Martyrs, Canada and Chairman of the RLP.

The RLP annual consultation is a unique platform that brings together organizational CEOs and other key leaders from the political and academic community, to build relationships, discuss and learn from each other on strategic international religious freedom issues, and explore possible work together. The consultation rotates international locations and has been in Nigeria; Brazil; United Kingdom; Turkey; USA; and Canada over the past several years. The 2022 RLP Consultation with a focus on Central Asia and Ukraine, was held in Warsaw, Poland. For more information and registration details for the RLP consultation, please contact [email protected].

In addition, RLP attendees are warmly encouraged to stay on for the special consultation on “Children, Youth, and FoRB,” from Thursday afternoon, 20 April through Saturday brunch, 22 April. The consultation is hosted by a collaboration of two RLP Task Groups: Gender and Religious Freedom  and the RLP Research Task Group.  For information regarding this consultation, contact Jane Showell-Rogers: [email protected].