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RLP Code of Best Practices

RLP Code of Best Practices

The Code of Best Practices for ministry to and with the persecuted church around the world is designed as a benchmark document to guide the policies and practice of organisations in their involvement. It is not intended to establish legal standards or liability. Rather the motivation for the development of this code is based upon the responsibility toward all participants and partners in religious liberty work, that they are served with the highest standards possible...


RLP Relocation Policy and Commitment

RLP Relocation Policy & Commitment Statement

The RLP recognizes the need to work collaboratively to meet the many support needs of persecuted Christians and to nurture the continued growth of the church where it is under pressure. We seek to follow the RLP Best Practices for Ministry to and with the Persecuted Church. Further, this document titled "Relocation as a Response to Persecution" outlines our policy and commtiment when those facing religious persecution, and those supporting them, assume that relocation (i.e. fleeing or extraction) is the only viable option...


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