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Andrew Brunson is Freed

Andrew Brunson, the American-born pastor who was charged with espionage against Turkey and held in custody for two...

Pray for Leah In Nigeria

Many RLP members and friends have joined in in a call to pray every day at 5:30pm for...

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USCIRF's research has found that 86 percent of all states with #blasphemy laws impose a prison penalty and beyond that some impose lashings, forced labor, and even the death penalty.

Read our blasphemy law report to learn more:

Did you know that the five nations with #blasphemy laws that deviate the most from international #HumanRights principles also maintain an official state religion?

Read our blasphemy laws report to learn more:

Appreciated meeting with @BatesLord about furthering US-UK cooperation on issues relating to religious minorities. Thanked him for the @DFID_UK partnership for the @WiltonPark meeting this week.

We met today with Amb of #Bulgaria in GVA on behalf of our constituencies to express concerns over new draft legislation creating control over religious communities and containing discriminatory provisions. We hope Bulgaria will reconsider these laws. #Pluralism #Tolerance #FORB

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