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Ukraine’s Freedom’s Expanding – Slowly

Uzbekistan has long been one of the world’s most repressive societies. But a new president appears to be...

What’s Up with Religious Freedom Worldwide?

Persecution of religious minorities, particularly Christians and Muslims, has risen around the world over the last few years,...

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(1/2) Last night, a ceasefire was announced for northeast Syria but this morning the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) attacked. Today, 30 people were wounded by a Turk-FSA shelling east of Sari Kani. The wounded in the surrounded town of Sari Kani are still trapped.

As always a real pleasure to meet Lord Alton @UKHouseofLords who has been a real champion around the world for Freedom of Religion or Belief for decades. Lord Alton briefed me on his Private Members Bill on Genocide Detarmination Bill which will have first reading on 21 October.

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