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For Christian Women, Persecution Looks Like Rape

For years, Nigerian doctor Rebecca Dali has cared for her country’s poor and widows. But it was her...

Pitfalls in Combatting Persecution

Pitfalls in combatting persecution, by Judd Birdsall   A great number of Western Christians have laudably invested their...

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The report has obvious implications for blasphemy laws, which limit both freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

Find the full report here:

At the UN, RFI's @ThomasFFarr challenges the representative of China's attempt to justify his country's "re-education" camps for its #Uyghur Muslim minority @RFInstitute

We applaud the United Arab Emirates’ historic welcome of Pope Francis. This first ever papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula marks a noble stride toward promoting greater understanding between two of the world’s great religions. #HumanFraternityMeeting #PopeFrancisInUAE

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