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Does the Media Downplay Christian Persecution?

So is the persecution of Christians ignored in the media?  Dr. Paul Marshall, Baylor Professor and Senior Fellow...

PEW Research Center’s Closer Look at How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World

The 10th annual report from Pew dives deeper into the ways government restrictions on religion and social hostilities...

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Exceptional piece by @nytdavidbrooks, & relevant for those "thinking partnering!"
One excerpt: "Human beings didn’t evolve into the world’s dominant species because we are more autonomous....We thrived as a species because we are better at cooperation."

Opinion | The Future of American Politics

After tribal war, the politics of weaving.

It’s been a good week of advocacy in Washington DC, culminating in spending an hour or more with my good friend and fighter for all righteous causes, Congressman Chris Smith - a true defender of faith!

Are you (and/or your organization) addressing international #religiousfreedom? Join other key global leaders at the @RLPartnership's annual consultation, March 30-April 2 in Kyiv.
For more information (and for an invitation) contact:

Christians (& others) in the world today continue to face religious persecution. The @RLPartnership will be again convening key leaders in the religious human rights arena March 30-April 2 in Kyiv to adress it. Need information or a an invitation?

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