Select member guidelines

Members of the Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) are primarily involved (that is the majority of their time, personnel and resources) with ministry to persecuted Christians and/or on religious liberty issues in whatever context and strategy. Although the members of the RLP are Christian-based organisations, the RLP supports and advocates religious freedom for all.

  • Members of the RLP are organisations who are globally, regionally, country or project focused in their efforts
  • Members of the RLP subscribe to the Apostles' Creed
  • Members of the RLP agree to abide by the Code of Best Practices drafted by the Religious Liberty Partnership and the Wesley Guidelines


Wesley Guidelines

  1. We will not listen to or even ask about bad things concerning each other
  2. If we do hear anything bad, we will not believe it
  3. As soon as possible, we will tell the other person what we have heard
  4. Until we have done that, we will not say a word about it to any other person
  5. Even after we have done that, we will not mention it to anyone
  6. We will never make an exception to these rules unless our consciences force us to do so

John Wesley, Charles Wesley, Thos. Maxfield, J. Downes, et. al.


For a full and complete copy of the RLP Member Guidelines and information about possible membership (either full or associate categories), please contact us at: [email protected]