7 Reasons Why Sinicization Is Not Rhetoric This Time

By Jackson Wu (from ChinaSource)

Some people have expressed their doubt about China’s recent initiative to “Sinicize” Christianity. They suspect the plan is simply propaganda, empty threats, or show. After all, haven’t we seen similar programs rolled out in the past?

We’ve been there, done that. Or have we?

I suggest there are at least seven ways that this current plan to Sinicize Christianity represents more than mere saber rattling.

1. The “How”

We’ve previously heard declarations for the unregistered church to come into line with the official state church. In practice, this has meant, “Conform or at least shut up.” Enforcement was random and highly dependent on the will of local party cadre. The understood agreement between local authorities and church leaders was this: “Don’t make us lose face and we’ll leave you alone.”

That’s not the current situation. The plan itself is more specific and comprehensive in scope…..

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