Refugees and Religious Liberty

The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP), in cooperation with the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP) and World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) hosted a webinar on February 24 on “Refugees and Religious Liberty.” The goal of the event was to explore the overlap in issues between the large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers and their religious reasons for fleeing.

Eighty registrants from about 25 countries heard testimonies from Afghan and Eritrean believers, discussed the challenge of accurate numbers and statistics, had an important overview of the current realities and options for the world’s nearly 80 million forcibly displaced, and had conversations on next steps and follow ups.

The conclusion reached by the event was that a joint RLP/RHP Task Group on Refugees and Religious Liberty should be formed to explore possible ways we can work together on these concerns.

For more information on that Task Group, or to request the recording of the webinar, please contact [email protected]