Religious Liberty Partnership Postpones 2020 Consultation in Ukraine

The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) in a statement this week, announced that their 2020 Consultation in Kyiv, Ukraine will be postponed until March/April 2021.  In making the announcement they referred to the restrictions and policies adopted by the Ukrainian government toward the COVID-19 virus.

“We are certainly disappointed, but understand the thoughtful reasoning behind the restrictions adopted by the Ukrainian government,” said Brian F. O’Connell, Facilitator of the RLP.  “However, the strong desire and intention of the RLP is to hold our 2021 consultation in Kyiv, as well as to continue to have a focus on the important religious liberty issues facing Eurasia and Central Asia.”

More news on the specific 2021 consultation dates, and proposals related to smaller meetings and virtual conversations over the next 12 months will be coming soon.